Monday, April 1, 2013

S'now Foolin

It snowed last night. It also snowed a good portion of our drive back north.

A freighter had just passed under the Mackinac Bridge:

There's so much ice in the Round Island passage still:

The ferry is still going the long way around the island. This trip, we have Ginger, my in-laws' yellow lab. They took my oldest on a spring break trip to Chicago and we have their dog for the week. We met them in Grand Rapids and she was convinced she saw the tallest building in the world. Chicago is going to blow her Mackinac mind!

I did not expect so much ice:


Drays wait as the ferry unloads at the dock:

The roads were fine for biking- just had to be careful for slick spots (or as my 3 year old would say "slipperly")

It is so nice to have the ferry back!

Brave little tulips! I look forward to seeing them again! Silly April Fool's snow, spring wants to be!

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