Thursday, April 18, 2013

Passing Freighters

Today was rainy. My take on that is, "At least it wasn't snow!"

This post is titled "Passing Freighters" because that's what I took pictures of today. I don't take a ton of pictures in the rain.

We got to school a little ahead of schedule, and the rain had paused. So my little one climbed the boardwalk railing and watched the straits. (She really enjoys that.)

This freighter was passing in front of the school shortly after 3pm this afternoon.

There is the 3:00pm ferry!

The preschool had a family day and fundraiser for a field trip. They want to go to the Gaylord Discovery Center. It had a nice turnout! We also watched the movie The Lorax, which the kids have been reading in class. I had fun, and the kids certainly seemed to as well!

Foghorns keep sounding tonight; it's foggy out. It is a lovely sound!

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