Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Windy Day!

The wind was consistently 25-30mph today. It was freezing! I was chilled enough after my morning trip to school that I pulled my snowpants back out.

There are some amazing chunks of ice remaining on the shoreline:

I let them play a little while after school:

Snow? We got a little this afternoon. But we expect about 6 inches tonight... Ahhh!

The snow pile at the school is still surviving:

When we got home, they wanted to play outside more. It was cold, but they had fun with the wind.
Phil accompanied our kindergartener to a concert at the school. She loved the Moxie Strings (the duo returns to the island in July!) We met at SeaBiscuit Cafe afterwards for dessert. Apple dumpling! (The after picture:)

Good fries too!

When the ladies of the Moxie Strings came into the SeaBiscuit too, she was so excited and had to wave and say hello! She would like to play the violin now:

I went to take pictures of waves crashing over the break wall. This beaver was hanging out on the calm side of the break wall!

Look at those waves crash!

"It's a windy day!"

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