Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cold April

The wind chill was 25 degrees this morning. I am still wearing my winter coat, mittens, and hat. (Snowpants would have been fine too.)
My youngest loves to climb on the boardwalk railing and look. Today, she said she wanted to watch the ice. And the ducks. She often prefers this to the school playground.

The Grand Hotel got new mattresses, and I believe the former ones are heading to the Hope Chest in St. Ignace:

It's a lot of mattresses!

There are still snow banks downtown:

The fire department was busy this afternoon:

No emergency! Must be a drill of some sort, this happens every once in a while. Look at the beautiful older engine on the right!

Cool, right?

The girls played on the school playground for about an hour after school (little sister taking a couple of breaks to look at the straits)

There are flowers coming along at Mission Point Resort!

What a welcome sight!

Even though it's chilly, spring prevails!

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  1. It is nice to see the flowers are starting to bloom. Can't wait to visit the Island in June. Your little girls are so adorable. What a great place to grow up in!