Friday, April 19, 2013

Positive and Negative

Today was a little nutty. There were positive aspects and negative, too.

Positive: the orange fencing is coming down around Mission Point property! I realize it serves a purpose (protecting the miniature golf course and flowers from snowmobiles), but it doesn't look as pretty in pictures. I am happy to see them put away! Another sign of spring!

Positive: Martha's Sweet Shop's sign went up! The return of signs is wonderful downtown!

Negative: It snowed. And it was the tiny hail-like snow. Which really hurts when blown into your face at 30mph. I missed my snowmobile helmet.

Negative: The wind blew in ice. I'm not sure whose ice it was, but it wasn't ours yesterday. It looks like we've lost progress on spring.

Negative: Today's ferry was packed, and the straits were wavier than normal. The boat did a lot of rocking back and forth. A toddler in front of us threw up on his dad. Poor kid. (I don't blame him, I was feeling nauseated myself.)

Positive: I got to attend the Women Today Retreat in Sault Ste. Marie. It's the 40th anniversary, and over 500 women are participating. This is LSSU's Anchor Room where Phil and I get to lead a breakout session tomorrow. (We've spent this winter memorizing the book of Ruth, and I'm looking forward to sharing it... I'm simultaneously nervous.)

Negative: The high winds knocked out trees. One of which landed on the swing set. We go to Phil's folks almost every weekend, so the girls play here regularly.

Positive: Phil's dad thinks it can be fixed.

Negative: Driving back from the Soo was crazy. The combination of wind and snow led to white out conditions. I wanted to take a picture, but I was alone and driving. I played it safe.
This tree fell down on the road. and Phil and his folks had to move it off the road earlier tonight.

Positive: God is good and kept us safe!


  1. I would definitely say that the positives outweigh the negatives. How exciting for you to share the book of Ruth. You will do a great job!

  2. So glad you made it home safely! We have had some terrible weather lately.