Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trying to Ditch Training Wheels

Yesterday's biking with training wheels was painfully slow. Parent teacher conferences were today, so kindergarten was in the morning instead of afternoon. We used the burley this morning.

Creative bike parking! An elementary kid's handiwork:

When Phil got home, he removed the training wheels!

We took turns running behind her- and both of us got a good workout!

She was able to keep up on her own for a few moments, but seemed to enjoy the drama of falling (evidenced by her falls consistently occurring in piles of snow, which she clearly aimed for):

She's certainly not able to bike to school without training wheels tomorrow, but all she needs is practice!

So beautiful! I love living so close to Robinson's Folly:

Robinson's Folly and Small Point:

For a treat, our youngest got a quick ride in daddy's bike basket. (We do not do this as a general rule, although many folks do. We're worry warts!)

We'll continue to help our oldest bike- it's an exciting time! I suspect a "she's biking on her own!" post will be along before summer!

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