Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chianti: An Italian Dinner and a Rainbow

Some of Phil's family visited last week and treated us to dinner at Chianti. Eating at Chianti was on my season bucket list, and this accomplishment was a pleasure!

I had the Fettuccine Alfredo:
Fettuccine pasta tossed in a parmesan cream sauce with wild mushrooms and English peas.

Phil ordered the Ravioli di Osso Buco:
Traditional ravioli filled with braised beef served with leak & mushroom fricassee, shaved parmesan and truffle oil.

Like any good spouse, he let me try some of his. My dish was good; his was fantastic. I highly recommend the ravioli! They make their own pasta, so it is fresh.
We ate outside and the view was lovely- how can one not enjoy Lake Huron and the evening sky?

For dessert, we shared Creme Brule:
Creamy vanilla bean custard "flaming" with fresh seasonal berries in a glass of "Flourus" Late Harvest Muscato- "the perfect ending."

The creme brule gets lit, and it is indeed flaming as it is set before you. (It would probably show better in the photo if we were sitting inside.)

These berries are sparkling! So delicious with the creme brule.

Our post-dessert treat: A rainbow!

There is a grand piano in the restaurant, and the musician played "Rainbow Connection" shortly before the rainbow appeared. Our first dance at our wedding was to that song! (We are Muppets fans).

What a gorgeous way to end a delicious dinner!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hessel Antique Boat Show

'Twas a rainy Saturday, and Kaya was happy to use her umbrella.

Girl Scouts board the boat two by two:

Even though it was raining, I did not want to miss the Antique Wooden Boat Show.

I went by myself, and it was wet but wonderful!

The Soo Swing Band played for a good part of the afternoon. It is a treat to have great music in the area. A trombone player myself, I snapped a picture of this rare valve trombone.

And of course, the Hessel Antique Boat Show had boats! The ferry in the background seemed familiar though...

Turns out Arnold Line does a Les Cheneaux Channel Cruise!

The ferry picks up people from Mackinaw City, then Mackinac Island, and heads to the Boat Show. From Hessel docks, they then do cruises of the Les Cheneaux Islands- how beautiful!

A row of lovely wooden boats:

Skies remained gray all day.

This beauty is getting raffled off to benefit the historical association. (Winner announced September 4th)

I don't know one engine from another, but this special one was visible- pretty cool:

I found Friendship!

Not all boats were displayed in the water:

Rowing is good exercise even before adding this nifty equipment to the mix:

I'll be honest, the boats are gorgeous, but my favorite part of Boat Show is the art booths! So many awesome things to peruse!

Isn't this cute?

Our friend, Katie Eberts, had her first art booth! She is an illustrator. I love her whimsy, colors, and all around awesomeness! Owning one of her pieces has been added to my season bucket list.


If you ever get the chance to go to the Boat Show, you must stop by Tassier's Maple Syrup booth. They sell ice cream with maple syrup drizzled on top!

The police officers had nice and bright rain gear. My raincoat is pink. (Rain gear is important if you live on Mackinac Island!)

One of the t-shirt logos for this year:

I took a lot of pictures of the boats!

A CrisCraft flag:

This was a special display:

Lots of antique wooden boats:

A fun fact about this sign is that the boats right behind it are rescue boats!

A nifty way to orient yourself to the area:

The Arnold Line Ferry heading back to Mackinac Island:

And the boats left at the end- some in the safety of their trailers, others simply drove off into the Les Cheneaux waters:

This proud owner polishes off his beauty before leaving:

We should be getting our Internet installed tomorrow!

I can honestly say this boat show was Unforgettable!

Location:Les Cheneaux Islands