Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Maze of Mirrors

The start of a Mackinac day:

The Maze of Mirrors is on my season bucket list. It wasn't open when we first checked in the morning so I brought the girls to the school playground instead.

The playground overlooks the Mackinac Bridge- how awesome is that?!

Afterward, we checked back at the Maze of Mirrors- it was open!

We all put on plastic gloves so as not to smudge the mirrors. We also put on some very stylish glasses that made the blacklight maze undoubtedly cooler.

At the staff's recommendation I carried Jade. It is a maze and we don't want to lose a toddler! Kaya led the way.

We found our way back to the entrance, so had to try again. Turns out the maze has an exit too.

We found our way to some fun mirrors. This was not the exit either, but rather the storefront window. Everyone passing can see you and your current unsuccess in the Maze of Mirrors. Jade did not appreciate the distorted view of herself. Her initial reaction to fun mirrors: "Oh no!".

Kaya continued to lead. I suspect she left a couple of face prints on some of the mirrors. Needless to say we found our way to the entrance yet again. I got to experience the Maze of Mirrors so can cross that off my season bucket list! We each got a sticker, but the truth is I didn't actually make it through the maze. I suppose having a four year old lead doesn't help the success rate. Even so, it was fun!

On our way home we passed some visiting nuns. Mackinac Island is so cool!

The mini Lady Liberty overlooks the marina. (I am getting better at snapping pictures with my phone while riding my bike. They certainly don't all turn out, but it makes documenting a family bike ride around the island better!)

Location:Mackinac Island

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