Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chianti: An Italian Dinner and a Rainbow

Some of Phil's family visited last week and treated us to dinner at Chianti. Eating at Chianti was on my season bucket list, and this accomplishment was a pleasure!

I had the Fettuccine Alfredo:
Fettuccine pasta tossed in a parmesan cream sauce with wild mushrooms and English peas.

Phil ordered the Ravioli di Osso Buco:
Traditional ravioli filled with braised beef served with leak & mushroom fricassee, shaved parmesan and truffle oil.

Like any good spouse, he let me try some of his. My dish was good; his was fantastic. I highly recommend the ravioli! They make their own pasta, so it is fresh.
We ate outside and the view was lovely- how can one not enjoy Lake Huron and the evening sky?

For dessert, we shared Creme Brule:
Creamy vanilla bean custard "flaming" with fresh seasonal berries in a glass of "Flourus" Late Harvest Muscato- "the perfect ending."

The creme brule gets lit, and it is indeed flaming as it is set before you. (It would probably show better in the photo if we were sitting inside.)

These berries are sparkling! So delicious with the creme brule.

Our post-dessert treat: A rainbow!

There is a grand piano in the restaurant, and the musician played "Rainbow Connection" shortly before the rainbow appeared. Our first dance at our wedding was to that song! (We are Muppets fans).

What a gorgeous way to end a delicious dinner!


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  2. I can't believe I have missed this blog!! I have been reading 'Bree's Blog' for a couple of year's now, and will continue to do so, but here is someone who is actually living in the buildings where I grew up!! Raising her kids where I was raised!! What fun! I love reading your perspective on this and am trying not to be jealous! The closest I have come to sharing this with my own two daughters was our visit in 1980 for the College reunion - they were 6 and 9 at the time.
    I love to see the 'President's Dining Room' turned into this lovely Italian Restaurant. I spent many summers serving there, although in those days the service was all 'family style' - no individual orders.
    I'm trying to remember the things that really stuck in my memory from my early summers on the Island (age 3-months to 4 years). I remember pony rides, and not being allowed to run barefoot! But I also remember building houses on the beach, sort of in front of Dwightwood Springs, I think it must have been. Finding the flat rocks to make the walls. I believe this has in the last 60 years turned into a specialty of making towers on the beach, but I remember little houses. Just something to add to your 'bucket list'!!