Saturday, March 17, 2012

Last Saturday before Spring

Today was the last Saturday before spring officially starts and we thoroughly enjoyed it! This weekend we are visiting Phil's parents in Cedarville. We watched deer in the morning (they enjoy the area under the bird feeders).

The girls helped make waffles for breakfast.

Practicing catching:

Worked better with open eyes!

That's bigger than a stick!

Fun up a tree!

There's a reason this town is called Cedarville!

Phil watching deer:

Out for a walk/bike:

A little bit of snow left:

Arch root!

Throwing rocks into Lake Huron:


A great St. Patrick's Day dinner of cabbage, carrots, potatoes and corned beef was a yummy ending!


Waving to Deer and an Admirable Sunset

The ferry encountered a little ice yet on today's ride. It was warm enough for merely sweatshirts, and I was surprised to hear rumbling on the ride. It's certainly not much ice, but enough to make some noise and I understand why the slow boat... er, Huron, is still used.

In Cedarville, we had the opportunity to watch deer. My almost-five-year-old quietly went out on the deck to wave. The deer just watched her! It was pretty cool!

The sunset was amazing tonight too!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Repairing Power

A portion of downtown had its power turned off today. The snowstorm at the beginning of March damaged some power poles (if I understand correctly). They are along the water side, so they used a crane to reach over the buildings.

How would you like to be working in that basket?

The power was restored by the end of the afternoon!

Location:Mackinac Island

Friday, March 9, 2012

Michigan Weather

Michigan weather certainly keeps us on our toes! Last weekend, we were blessed with a winter wonderland to rival none! By Wednesday, the snow turned to slush.

Slush adds ten minutes to the trip to school (it is less than a mile and a half from our home). My winter boots are "waterproof," but my socks disagree.

My winter boots were soaked through, so I used my new rain boots. (Thanks, Mom!)

Puddles went past my ankles, but my socks stayed dry!

The Yankee Rebel Tavern is getting work done:

The new house on the east end is getting shingled. The progress on the roof really makes it look closer to finished!

By the next morning, there were no puddles- just ice! My boots still hadn't dried, so I wore my rain boots with yak trax. (I bike slowly on ice, and rainboots have no traction if I need to steady my bicycle). Foolishly, I did not put them on for my last trip from school. As a result, I had my first bicycle tumble on ice this winter. (Everything is fine, I just have a sore knee!) From snow, to slush, to ice- all in a few days. Oh Michigan weather! It has too much fun with us!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Walk in Winter's Glory

Saturday, March 3, 2012:
A crazy March snowstorm had hit Mackinac Island overnight (as it did much else of Michigan). The predictions had been for 15 inches of snowfall. While I'm not sure we received quite that much- we were not disappointed!

Our family was heading off island on the last ferry. We discovered that our snowmobile lost a rear wheel Thursday, so Phil pushed the girls to town in the double stroller and I took pictures. You can see why!

The historic Mission House in the distance:

Mission Church:

I've always enjoyed the red accents on this house:

Haans' 1830 Inn:

St. Anne's:

The island did not lose power, but it did lose lots of branches and trees:

Branches down in front of the Harbor View:


So pretty!

One of my favorite views!

The Inn on Mackinac:


St. Cloud's:

Snow-covered bicycles:

This house received a new balcony last fall:

The Bay View Bed & Breakfast:

A whole tree was knocked down:

The tree was part of a duo that flanked this home's sidewalk:

Looking up!

The Island House and the Yacht Club:

So much snow so suddenly seems surreal! (...pardon the alliteration, I couldn't help myself!)

The gate of Anne Cottage:

Snow-covered Statue of Liberty:

In front of the Indian Dormitory / Art Museum:

Marquette Park:

Here comes The Huron!

Fort Mackinac:

Almost to Mackinac Island's downtown:

You won't see this sign in the summer! The speed limit is 20mph for snowmobiles downtown:

Doud's Market:

Lots of snow-covered snowmobiles:

The Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau:

In case you wondered, the public restrooms are not open in winter:

Ryba's, on the right, has been getting work done on her windows this off-season:

Our roads get plowed on Mackinac Island, but not cleared for the sake of the all-important snowmobiles! Some people seem surprised that snowmobiles are allowed in winter. The winter population is about 500 people, so there is not much traffic.

George and his taxi team wait at the ferry dock:

We caught the ferry! What a gorgeous walk it was!

Location:Mackinac Island