Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waving to Deer and an Admirable Sunset

The ferry encountered a little ice yet on today's ride. It was warm enough for merely sweatshirts, and I was surprised to hear rumbling on the ride. It's certainly not much ice, but enough to make some noise and I understand why the slow boat... er, Huron, is still used.

In Cedarville, we had the opportunity to watch deer. My almost-five-year-old quietly went out on the deck to wave. The deer just watched her! It was pretty cool!

The sunset was amazing tonight too!



  1. Pretty sunset! Isn't this weather lovely? We already have daffodils and violets, and my lilac and honeysuckle are sporting leaves. At least a month early for lower Michigan. Soaking it up while it lasts - and praying it does last for the sake of the fruit growers.

    1. We played at Marquette park Thursday and Friday over two hours each time! I'm with you- I really hope there isn't a bad frost! For the sake of farmers and the flowers!