Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season!

I'm feeling a smidge jolly.  The Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar was this weekend; I enjoyed the tree lighting, rummage sale in the fire hall, shopping at Nephews, and Santa (of course!).  And when I went to the mainland, Egg Nog shakes were available again!  Speaking of the mainland, Arnold Line switched to the slow boat last week.  This is not as fun with small children- it takes three times as long.  The waves are more intense this time of year.
We got snow this week.  I pulled out the double jogging stroller again, as I'm not feeling safe on my beloved 21 speed on ice.  Turns out I am not exactly safe on my own two feet on ice.  The med center has x-ray capability and, fortunately, I had the honor of the first person to get an x-ray on Friday who did not have a broken bone.  Just bruised my funny bone.  Ice grippies for my footwear are now on my shopping list.
I love the Christmas tree in the middle of Main Street! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Season has ended...

This weekend was Mission Point Resort's last of the 2010 season.  It was completely booked, thanks to the Great Turtle Race and its record number of runners (nearly 2000!)  The weather was perfect for a fall race and it inspired my former cross country runner self to add this race to next season's bucket list! (Definitely the 5.7 mile though, I am not anxious to run a half marathon!)  The resort is so empty now- it's quite strange really.
Speaking of my season bucket list, how did I fare?

I did not go dancing at the Grand with my husband.  Not once.  I did buy a new dress with the intention of doing so.  I did at least enter the Grand Hotel- to get Jane Seymour's autograph & picture.  This was a pretty amazing substitution!  ( I literally ran there, pushing both girls in the double jogging stroller,  in time to be the last in line.  Jane Seymour was so gracious & kind!)

I did not get to try the butternut squash ravioli at the Chophouse.  However, I did have my first creme brulee here; to say it was a positive experience is an understatement! 

I made it to the fort with my parents and the girls! 

I have still never been in a kayak. Rectifying that sounds more cold than fun at this point.  Next year!

I am going to ride a tandem. With my husband.  This may still be possible this year.

I bought two somethings from Nephews.  A practical dress and less practical ballet flats.  (They marked things down towards the end of the season.)

I ordered the cheese platter dessert from the Bistro on the Greens (my favorite!)  It was so lovely I took a picture!

I took the Haunts of Mackinac Tour with my friend Meghan as a guide and loved it!  I'll have to do the Haunts of Mission Point next year.

I managed to miss the St. Ignace Fireworks even though they did it every Saturday from the 4th of July to Labor Day.  I could still make it up Fort Holmes.

"I would love to try Mackinaw Parasailing, but the cost of that makes it more of a bonus." I've spoiled myself in other ways.  I now own adorable pink raingear and a decent bike with gears.  The latter has been life-changing.  Pulling 60 lbs of precious daughters in a burley uphill on a singlespeed the last month has been rough. 

All in all, I've done a lot this season even if I didn't squeeze in everything.  We will be experiencing our first winter on Mackinac Island!  I even have a job! I am the teacher's aide for Mackinac Island's preschool!  It's a good fit for me- I'm enjoying the precious three and four year olds, plus I'm getting to know a lot more islanders!  I have lots to look forward to (and simultaneously be a smidge nervous about!)  The 2011 summer season has plenty to look forward to also!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sanders' Chocolate Shoes!

As I was composing my "Bucket List" I almost included "find out how much a Sanders' Chocolate Heel costs".  That seemed too easy.  So last night I walked to their shop just past the Shepler's Ferry dock and asked. The answer is $24.95!  They also had adorable chocolate baby booties filled with tiny chocolate rattles (sorry no pic for those).  Those run $12.95.    Awesome... I bet they are delicious.  Sanders also has some of their products in Mission Point's Lakeside Marketplace.  I've never seen shoes there, but the chocolate treats and candy apples are beautiful.  I wonder how well a chocolate high heel travels...
Having worked in a candy shop last summer, I especially appreciate sweets. Plus I have a sweet tooth.  I love candy.  I think I feel the same way about candy that Benjamin Franklin did about beer... it's proof God loves us.  Mackinac Island is a great place for someone with a passion for sweets.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Season "Bucket List"

Here is my "Bucket List" for this season. I know a true bucket list consists of things you want to do before you kick the bucket, so to speak. This is shorter term. I am blessed to be living on Mackinac Island and I want to enjoy it! The tourist season seems to end with October, so I have a nice amount of time left to tackle my list! We'll see how it goes!

I want to go dancing at the Grand with my husband. More than once.

I want to try the butternut squash ravioli at the Chophouse.

A trip to the fort is a must!

I have never been in a kayak. Rectifying that sounds fun.

I am going to ride a tandem. With my husband.

I want to buy something from Nephews. I want a dress, but budget might favor footwear.

The Bistro on the Greens is my favorite and they have a cheese platter as a dessert option.

Haunted Tours. Preferably led by my friend Meghan. Haunts of Mackinac & Haunts of Mission Point.

I want to watch the St. Ignace Fireworks. I want to make it up Fort Holmes. Potential two-for-one.

I would love to try Mackinaw Parasailing, but the cost of that makes it more of a bonus.

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's already August!?!

     I can't believe it's already August!  This summer is flying by.  I've only brought fudge home twice.  Much better statistics than last summer, but last summer I was pregnant. It wouldn't be fair to track the cravings of a mommy-to-be.  Last year, I had the fun job of selling sweets in a candy shop.  I learned how to make cotton candy and spent the day surrounded by candy.  And air conditioning.  Perfect for very pregnant me. This year, my primary job is Mommy to my 3-year-old and 9-month-old daughters.
     We moved to Mackinac Island this May, and our adventure began!  We rented a storage unit and limited our island belongings to what fits on a dray.  Not fun.  But a few months later we're still here.  Still figuring out, but here nonetheless.  
     Sometimes I receive the question, do you work here or live here? ...Yes.  And it's looking like we're going to stay through this winter.  I realize there are a few hundred people who survive Mackinac Island winters every year.  But I'm nervous; I respect these true, amazing year-rounders.
But for now it's still summer, and I mean to enjoy it!