Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Bike!

Our birthday girl picked out a new bike this weekend! She had birthday money, and it was fun to have her pick some things out- we spent tons of time in the toy section (boys & girls). She left with two Disney fairies (so she could share & play with little sister) and a Cheetara figure from ThunderCats! Five is a great age!

She insisted on walking her bike off the ferry herself .

Riding her 18" bicycle:

Following Daddy:

Her first ride on Main Street!

Passing Marquette Park:

The Inn on Mackinac has its flags up:

We hadn't thought to bring her helmet off-island with us. Fortunately, there was little traffic and no hills. But she will certainly be wearing her helmet on her future bike rides!

Little sister fell asleep on the ride:

My favorite picture of the day!

There she goes!

Mission Point Resort has blooming tulips! They are pink and yellow this year- lovely!

Sleeping sister:

My five year old and her own bike!

This bike has a new home on Mackinac Island and a responsible little owner :) Curious when the training wheels will come off- perhaps in time for kindergarten!

Tiny orange blossoms in our yard:

Location:Mackinac Island

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breakfast at Bentley's

Businesses are sprucing up on Mackinac Island. More are opening too! The first fudge shop (Ryba's!) was one of them, and I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of it yet.

The new bike rental in front of Arnold Line was adding bike racks this morning. (I miss the little landscaped area.) It's amazing how quickly the landscape can change.

We rode the ferry to St. Ignace. I believe this fellow passenger is Daisy.

A sweetheart!

Taking advantage of a window seat:

My sister visited for a whole week! It was wonderful! ...but today, her visit ended.

We ended the visit with breakfast at Bentley's in St. Ignace.

The atmosphere is 1950s- so fun!


The restrooms for "GUYS" and "DOLLS" :) ...I forgot to take pictures of the food as we were pretty hungry!

Look, a pay phone!

Afterward, we went to the Hush Puppies shoe store in Mackinaw City. This is the third year in a row Phil has purchased his professional shoes there. Living on Mackinac Island requires good shoes!

My tall black boots were shot (had them since college), and I found the perfect replacements- 40% off and so comfortable!

We weekend in Cedarville, and the girls enjoyed playing outside.

They decided to go wading in Lake Huron... I don't think it was even 40 degrees out. Must be their UP heritage, because I think it's way too cold!

After a warm bath and good books, they fell asleep pretty well!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pizza from Goodfellow's

Last night, we picked up pizza from Goodfellow's! They opened recently and we hadn't taken advantage of that. We have eaten there, but had never had their pizza before.

This is the plain cheese pizza- awesome, right? My two year old ate a whole piece (sans crust).

My hubby's favorite: ham, green pepper, and black olives.

I took quick pictures of the pizzas before we ate them; but I didn't get any of us enjoying them... We were too hungry!

Ryba's Fudge opened a shop yesterday and I intend to take advantage of that too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My FIVE year old!

The first words out of daughter's mouth yesterday morning were, "Mommy, am I five now?"
The answer is yes! (It's amazing to think I've been her mommy longer than I was in college.)

She brought chocolates to share at preschool and her teacher had birthday plates and napkins for snack. She also was given the cutest little birthday hat to wear for the school day.

She was still enjoying her snack at pick-up time.

She was due on Shakespeare's birthday and arrived right on her due date (pretty fun for a mommy named Sonnet who met her daddy in university theatre).

This child is such a blessing! Thank you, God, for this awesome five year old!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Manitou Trail

Phil has been excited to show us Manitou Trail since he discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Tonight, he led the girls, my sister, and myself to Arch Rock. Manitou Trail goes from Arch Rock to Robinson's Folly.

I love how trees grow around rocks:

We went to Arch Rock first:

My sister is visiting for the week!

My daughter wanted a picture of them yelling like they're falling:

Lake Huron:

A side view of Arch Rock:

The coin operated viewers are removed during the winter season:

The beautiful woods:

Climbing up:

A cool view off Manitou Trail:

This is where the previous picture was taken from (reminds me a little of Pride Rock from the Lion King):

Some parts of the trail are narrow and along a big dropoff/cliff. Made us a smidge nervous with the girls, so we partnered with them in more dangerous sections:

Unusual tree:

The trail goes past a couple homes at one point. I liked the old ladder hiding behind the shrubs:

This sign is in the middle of the trail. I have no idea how anyone with a horse would get out to this area or need to read the sign. So funny!

View of Round Island from Robinson's Folly:

Mission Point Resort:

The sinking sun:

The girls had a splendid sword fight with sticks:

Beautiful trail!

Daddy was incredibly helpful:

We made it!

The trail brought us to the east bluff. I'm not used to seeing Mission Point from this point of view. I forget how large the Main Lodge is!

Our shadows:

Her stick made it all the way!


The Baby Grand:

A bunny near the theater:

Some tulips are showing their colors:

They survived the frosts & snow!

We enjoyed our trek along Manitou Trail! It was a beautiful little adventure and I recommend it!

Location:Mackinac Island