Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crayfish & Clay

It's the weekend, so we're enjoying Cedarville again! Why is it named Cedarville?
Lots of lovely cedar trees, of course!

The girls caught a crayfish with Gramma this afternoon!

It's little but fascinating!

My oldest requested I get a picture of her touching it. Turns out to be a tricky moment to catch, but here are a couple shots:

After dinner, we returned the crayfish to its home on the shores of Lake Huron. A quick picture with their friend before releasing it:

She freed the crayfish herself:

Back where it belongs! (It's tiny and scurrying under the stone in the middle.)

Saying goodbye:

Discovering clay! One of the absolute coolest things about Lake Huron is finding a deposit of clay!

It's like Play-Doh! (I think it's cooler)

Messy hands!

A deer print in the clay:

My favorite firstborn!

We tried to get a silhouette picture of her throwing a rock in the water and got it first try! We both think it's a cool picture!

Little sister played in the grass:

Standing on a big rock makes for an extra long shadow:

The seagulls are back, another sign of spring:

Where's little sister? (I removed all sorts of nature from her curls tonight!)


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