Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Bike!

Our birthday girl picked out a new bike this weekend! She had birthday money, and it was fun to have her pick some things out- we spent tons of time in the toy section (boys & girls). She left with two Disney fairies (so she could share & play with little sister) and a Cheetara figure from ThunderCats! Five is a great age!

She insisted on walking her bike off the ferry herself .

Riding her 18" bicycle:

Following Daddy:

Her first ride on Main Street!

Passing Marquette Park:

The Inn on Mackinac has its flags up:

We hadn't thought to bring her helmet off-island with us. Fortunately, there was little traffic and no hills. But she will certainly be wearing her helmet on her future bike rides!

Little sister fell asleep on the ride:

My favorite picture of the day!

There she goes!

Mission Point Resort has blooming tulips! They are pink and yellow this year- lovely!

Sleeping sister:

My five year old and her own bike!

This bike has a new home on Mackinac Island and a responsible little owner :) Curious when the training wheels will come off- perhaps in time for kindergarten!

Tiny orange blossoms in our yard:

Location:Mackinac Island

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  1. The perfect place to learn to ride bikes! Go Kaya! And happy birthday to both of our big girls :).Looking forward to a summer visit!