Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello, Little Tulips!

One of the best things about spring on Mackinac is the anticipation.
When will Doud's Grocery take down their winter entrance? (yay!)

When will the "slow boat" be done? (not yet...)

When will our restaurant choices exceed two? (again, not yet...but I bet the Seabiscuit will open in the next week or two!)
When will we smell fudge again?
When will we see visiting school groups? Not yet, not yet.

When will the long planted tulip bulbs grow? They have started!

A few little crocuses are even looking the part for spring!

Finding flowers and saying, Hello!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Thanks for the sneak-peak! I'm counting the days until my Memorial Day weekend visit! Woot woot! ;)

    1. The tulips should be blooming by then! I love spring!
      And a Woot woot! for your island visit!