Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire-engines,Flowers, & Freighters

There was a fire engine behind the miniature golf course this morning, but no fire:

They were running some sort of drill or test... Look at that arc of water!

Looks pretty cool!

We passed a freighter on the way to preschool:

These flowers are blooming at Mission Point:

Some tulips buds are visible!

In the evening, I biked up the east bluff with my hubby. We watched a freighter pass (in our uphill process).

The Mackinac Bridge in the distance:

The clouds look rainy, but it didn't rain a whole lot today- and not at all while I was out!

Passing Round Island:

Sunset glow near the bridge:

Here is the progress on the new bike shop that's being constructed where Arnold Line used to have the pretty little landscaped paths.

Awesome puddle reflection shot compliments of Phil (he does some iphoneography while biking too!):

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