Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Foggy Ride on the Straits Express

It is wonderful to return to riding a cataraman. After months of the mighty Huron, it feels peculiar to be moving across the water so quickly. The trip takes a third of the time- making it possible to catch the 4:15 ferry and still make it to Douds Market before it closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Seating on the bow is closed this time of year. I imagine that would be crazy cold anyhow.

Pulling away from the dock (much faster than usual!)

Today has been a foggy one. Here is Mackinac Island, with a ring of fog around it akin to Saturn:

These birds fly faster than the fast boat!

The Straits Express got us to Mackinac Island at 4:33pm- impressive since the 4:15 boat left a couple minutes late. It's so much nicer than arriving at 5:00pm!

It wasn't raining when we arrived, but you could tell it had earlier. Wet horses look pretty rough. I felt bad taking their picture, so I took a picture of their feet instead. They kind of looked miserable.

Mission Point- Daffodils are blooming on the hill!

The grounds crew has only been back about a week and it's amazing how much it shows!

There are some flowers blooming near our home!

What kind of flowers are they?

If anyone would like to enlighten me on their name, I'd like to know!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Hope the tulips are still blooming when we get there. The flower that you are wondering about is a striped squill.

    1. Thank you! I hoped someone would enlighten me! They pop up in our yard on their own and I like them :)