Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photos while Biking

A large portion of the photos I post are taken while riding my Schwinn. I am blessed with an iPhone and that makes my photography-while-biking possible!

Here are a few shots from this week taken while biking to/from school.

75 lbs of Precious cargo!

Self Portrait of sorts:

Painting the Yankee Rebel:

Arrival of more horses:

My shadow:

Fabulous sky from earlier this week:

Yesterday's sparkling water:

As the season picks up, I will not be able to take as many pictures while biking (downtown in particular). At least not safely! So I'm savoring it for now!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Isn't pulling kids via bike the best workout? Feel the burn! Great photos. I will never get over the beauty of that island.

    1. So true! Moving to Mackinac Island was a great way to lose baby weight! I'm down a pants size :)
      And true again! It is incredibly beautiful on Mackinac Island!