Thursday, April 12, 2012

And SeaBiscuit Cafe Makes 3

We pass these daffodils on the way to school. Yesterday, it was snowing as we passed. My oldest asked, "Momma, it's springtime and it's snowing... Why?"

A somewhat edited picture showing it was snowing:

Even with snow, yesterday had an important sign of spring: The SeaBiscuit Cafe opened! See how full the parking lane is? You don't see that many bikes often this time of year!

Lights are on, and it smells good!

Good service! Mary from Grand Rapids waited on me and hooked me up with sandwiches, fries, and chicken to go! (It is so much easier to do takeout than to eat out with our little ones!)

I love the decor!

The girls loved the food! (I especially like their sweet potato fries!)

The SeaBiscuit makes three restaurant options now! Winter left us with the Mustang and the Village Inn (and I'm grateful they stay open!) Another option is a treat! I bet I will smell fudge within the next couple of weeks!

And to end, here a few pictures of works in progress downtown:

Bicycle Inn is looking like... A hotel!

Preparing for the season:

A bike shop is being constructed in front of Arnold Line Ferry:


  1. Isn't it funny how there can be snow and flowers at the same time? It is nice to see the Island getting ready for the warmer weather. I realized this morning that three months from today, myself and my mom and my two little girls will be embarking for our trip to Mackinac Island! Now I am very excited.

    And I know what you mean about eating out in restaurants with small kids. Sometimes it is better to take the delicious food home!

  2. I know! My preschooler was pretty confused!
    So glad you all will be visiting the island! Bet there won't be snow then! The island is busy with preparations for the summer season and it's exciting!