Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breakfast at Bentley's

Businesses are sprucing up on Mackinac Island. More are opening too! The first fudge shop (Ryba's!) was one of them, and I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of it yet.

The new bike rental in front of Arnold Line was adding bike racks this morning. (I miss the little landscaped area.) It's amazing how quickly the landscape can change.

We rode the ferry to St. Ignace. I believe this fellow passenger is Daisy.

A sweetheart!

Taking advantage of a window seat:

My sister visited for a whole week! It was wonderful! ...but today, her visit ended.

We ended the visit with breakfast at Bentley's in St. Ignace.

The atmosphere is 1950s- so fun!


The restrooms for "GUYS" and "DOLLS" :) ...I forgot to take pictures of the food as we were pretty hungry!

Look, a pay phone!

Afterward, we went to the Hush Puppies shoe store in Mackinaw City. This is the third year in a row Phil has purchased his professional shoes there. Living on Mackinac Island requires good shoes!

My tall black boots were shot (had them since college), and I found the perfect replacements- 40% off and so comfortable!

We weekend in Cedarville, and the girls enjoyed playing outside.

They decided to go wading in Lake Huron... I don't think it was even 40 degrees out. Must be their UP heritage, because I think it's way too cold!

After a warm bath and good books, they fell asleep pretty well!

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