Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snow?! And Signs of Spring

I knew it was snowing during dinner last night, but I honestly didn't expect to wake up to this:

Snow on the growing tulips:

There wasn't much red roof showing this morning (it did melt by afternoon)

Snow in the burley (even though it was closed- our cover is in rough shape)

The striped squill in our yard did not like the snow:

Bike rack at Mackinac Island Public School:

The kite was out at Windemere Point today! A good sign of spring!

A tulip bud!

Hawks circling Robinson's Folly (at least, I think they were hawks):

Lake Huron looking beautiful:



  1. Don't you just love spring? So unexpected! I'm glad the snow didn't last long, though. And thanks for the pic of the Windermere kite. We always stay at the Windermere, and I love sitting on the porch in the summer and watching the kites go amazingly high!

    1. It's the first day I've seen the kite out this year- definite sign of spring! I should expect just about anything from Michigan weather- but I was quite surprised by the amount of spring-snow!