Saturday, April 21, 2012

Up the East Bluff in Snow & Sleet

I'm working part-time now, and a friend in the village watched the girls today. Living at Mission Point, this means a trek up the east bluff. Today, we had snow and sleet. So glad it wasn't any colder- getting the burley & girls up an icy hill would be really hard.

Poor chilly flowers! (All the daffodils at Mission Point were bowing their heads sadly today)

Views from the east bluff:

Does this look like April?

We passed a pair of mallard ducks. I love how thoroughly together they are.

Such a sweet pair!

I shouldn't try to take pictures while biking uphill with the girls.

An east bluff yard with snow:

Approaching the fort:

The Fort is still closed:

The woods are beautiful!

My precious cargo! We all were decked out in full raingear! Our poor burley received its first duct tape patch this week.

Snowy hair:

Bike tracks and tire tracks. Tire tracks on Mackinac Island? Yup. Probably a police vehicle passed through earlier.

Heading back down, past the Grand:

The Little Stone Church:


  1. Love the pictures! But this weather has GOT to improve! I'm bringing up a group of about 200 geocachers on Friday, and they are requesting some mild temperatures. Can you do anything about that? HA! HA! HA!

    1. LOL, I was just thinking the same thing as I was looking at the pictures Madelyn. It's beginning to worry me about our weekend geocaching on the island. I think we better find some snow tires for our bikes. LOL Do you think you can do one of those sun dances for us up there Mackinac Mommy?

      princessmolly :o)