Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Forgot Something

My mom bought the girls new dresses for Easter:

Their cousin matches too:

They love the new baby!

He's pretty cute:

I loved getting to hold my nephew this weekend!

My oldest was disappointed with her basket because the Easter Bunny forgot something she wanted- a baby brother. (Which is not happening at this point for our family). I'm glad she loves her cousin so much!

We ate Easter dinner at my grandparents' home in Muskegon. They did an egg hunt for the grand kids and great grand kids:

My niece's first Easter egg hunt was sweet- my oldest hid the eggs for her!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I am an aunt to two! Today, my niece turned two. My nephew is 2 months and 2 days old.

My younger brother is their daddy:

There were lots of balloons at my folks' house for the party:

This is my other younger brother- he is a fun uncle:

The birthday girl and her mommy!



It moves!

She was darling! I don't think I've ever seen a kid react so big to her gifts! It was so fun!
This is my grandma :)

It was also wonderful to snuggle my little nephew!

The girls each received a puzzle (Big sister helped little sister):

It's wonderful to see family! I love being an aunt to two, too!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Different Route, Signs, and Scenery

Our family headed to visit my family today. There were swans near the dock while we waited to board the ferry:

The mighty Huron:

The ferry still needs to go the long way around the island due to ice in the Round Island Passage. It is a different route than what we're used to. We were prepared for the extra-long ride- Daddy picked up bananas at Doud's before we left:

There are new signs above the toll lanes for the Mackinac Bridge. Funny thing- we were so accustomed to the old signs we couldn't see the new ones at first! They are actually much easier to see, although the picture doesn't show them very well:

The east side of the Mackinac Bridge was mostly open water. The west side of the bridge was mostly ice.

Here you can sort of see the path freighters have taken through the ice:

We stopped in Mackinaw City. I don't know the story behind this, but it is impressive!

Different scenery. Thunder Falls Family Waterpark still has its sign- but all of the attractions have been dismantled and are no longer there. I don't know for sure what will be moving here instead, but our family is sad it is gone.

As Emerson said, "We change whether we like it or not."

March Walk: Mission Point Resort

It is March, it is spring, and we've seen a lot of sunshine this week!

Behind the historic Mission House:

Blue skies:

Heading towards the Main Lodge:

I wish my iPhone had a macro lens... Can you see the buds?

The Main Lodge:

There are patches of grass emerging on the lawn:

This is not good for snowmobiling. (We surrendered ours to storage on Wednesday)

Just 5 weeks until Mission Point opens! We've missed getting ice cream at Lakeside Marketplace!

My Last Flight and First Ferry Ride

I was able to get gas- no ration! I got 4 gallons instead of 2!

It was plenty of fuel to get to the airport for my last flight of the season. There is ice around parts of Mackinac Island.

The straits are mostly clear:

I rode the ferry back, and my preschooler was with me. She played dress-up:

And played kids games on an apple device (she loves "Another Monster at the End of This Book")

There is Mackinac Island!

The ferry is currently going the long way around due to the amount of ice in the Round Island passage:

Passing Arch Rock:

Such a cool view of Mission Point!

Home! On windy nights we can hear the bell bouy from our apartment:

Mission Point Resort:


Another sign of spring- Douds' took down their winter entrance!

Hockey downtown on Main Street:

Last flight, first ferry ride, and last snowmobile ride of the season!