Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Enough Gas

We left our Mission Point Resort home on Friday to head off island. Since my husband drove the snowmobile, I was able to snap some pictures!

Mission Church:

St. Anne's Catholic Church:

Looking toward the Mackinac Bridge:

How does our whole family get around? Our snowmobile is a double seater. Our three year old sits in front, Daddy drives, and Mommy sits behind him.

We have a sled that our five year old (six next month) prefers, and it also holds our luggage (in this case a suitcase and three backpacks.) If she doesn't want to ride in the sled, then I do.

We put 2.6 gallons of gas in the snowmobile on Tuesday and had driven less than 20 miles with trips to school since. We did not get more gas before heading to the airport.

We passed the Grand Hotel:

We turned toward the airport ...and ran out of gas. Phil walked back to town to buy some. The girls and I were going to wait with the snowmobile. Then a potty emergency was declared, and as fellow parents know, this is a big deal. So we headed toward the airport on foot, which was a .8 miles away according to 4square.

Our progress was so slow that Phil was able to pick us up .5 miles from the airport after walking to town and back on foot. Fortunately, there was not a big wait at the airport like there usually is on Fridays.
This is why:
Lots of ice. See the little snowmobiles crossing? (The blue is solid ice, not open water!)

Ice is nice!

There is St. Ignace!

Tomorrow we'll see what effect today's rain has done. There was too much fog today for us to fly back. Here's hoping we can return home in the morning!

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