Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh Deer, Oh Dear!

The deer have been active the last few days in the Les Cheneaux Islands. Thirteen of them crossed the ice at dusk on Friday:

And some more deer yesterday:

With last night's rain, there is much less snow. When the deer were on the ice today there were lovely reflections! Alas, I didn't manage to nab a picture.

The "oh dear!" of today is fog. We were not able to return home yesterday. Today, again, no planes flew. So my girls missed school, which is not ideal. Several teachers are in the same boat though- there were a lot of subs at Mackinac Island School today! We waited and waited in St. Ignace. Thank goodness for the McDonald's PlayPlace! We spent over three hours waiting there! Worse news than missing school is that the PlayPlace is scheduled to be removed this September. That's a big deal for families in the area.

The fog was too thick for safe flying. It also was too foggy for decent pictures- but here is one of Castle Rock:

We'll be getting up early and heading to the airport tomorrow morning. Third day's the charm, right?

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