Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gas Ration

This has been a great winter for snowmobiling. Last winter was not. We only snowmobiled a few times. The hardware store had a a couple thousand gallons surplus of gas last year. This will not be the case this winter.

The fuel supply has gotten low- low enough for rations to go into effect today.

We are allowed 2 gallons per day and up to 6 gallons per week. Only snowmobiles may be filled (no gas cans). Will this stretch the fuel supply until the boats start?

The coast guard gave their annual 72 hour notice yesterday- Thursday afternoon they will begin to cut up the ice between Mackinac Island and St. Ignace.
Here is a freighter and a coast guard boat on the straits yesterday:

Hoping ferry service resumes soon! Ferries are more dependable than airplanes when it comes to the weather. (Although airplane views are my favorite!)

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