Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Forgot Something

My mom bought the girls new dresses for Easter:

Their cousin matches too:

They love the new baby!

He's pretty cute:

I loved getting to hold my nephew this weekend!

My oldest was disappointed with her basket because the Easter Bunny forgot something she wanted- a baby brother. (Which is not happening at this point for our family). I'm glad she loves her cousin so much!

We ate Easter dinner at my grandparents' home in Muskegon. They did an egg hunt for the grand kids and great grand kids:

My niece's first Easter egg hunt was sweet- my oldest hid the eggs for her!

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  1. A baby is what my kids got in their baskets last year (ultrasound pic in plastic eggs) - that's how they found out! 17 years and 2 adopted kids (couldn't have more) since our first child, the news another was on his way was, well, a shock. Just saying... "not in our plans" doesn't always mean it isn't happening. ;-)