Friday, March 29, 2013

My Last Flight and First Ferry Ride

I was able to get gas- no ration! I got 4 gallons instead of 2!

It was plenty of fuel to get to the airport for my last flight of the season. There is ice around parts of Mackinac Island.

The straits are mostly clear:

I rode the ferry back, and my preschooler was with me. She played dress-up:

And played kids games on an apple device (she loves "Another Monster at the End of This Book")

There is Mackinac Island!

The ferry is currently going the long way around due to the amount of ice in the Round Island passage:

Passing Arch Rock:

Such a cool view of Mission Point!

Home! On windy nights we can hear the bell bouy from our apartment:

Mission Point Resort:


Another sign of spring- Douds' took down their winter entrance!

Hockey downtown on Main Street:

Last flight, first ferry ride, and last snowmobile ride of the season!

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