Monday, March 18, 2013

Not spring yet...


Can you believe this is the middle of March?

Today was Athlete Day at school to celebrate March is Reading Month. My preschooler was a cheerleader (and I forgot to take a picture) and my kindergartener chose to be a ballerina:

The winds were over 25 mph today. This drift appeared in a matter of hours. I was able to bike through it on the way to school, and I had a downright battle to traverse it on the way back:

By evening, it was snowing and blowing like crazy:

Can you see the snow blowing sideways?

The waves were awesome today! Hopefully this helps break up the ice!

The ferry was not able to deliver gas today, but the State Parks sold some of their gas to the hardware store. Rationed gas will be available tomorrow morning! Thank goodness too, because I'm not up for biking through that much wind and ice!


  1. Brrr! Looks so cold! We are experiencing the same down in West Michigan on the lakeshore as well. Can't believe tomorrow is the first day of spring...we're under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory and it looks like a blizzard outside! Can't wait until spring/summer! Got my two trips to the island booked already! Yay! Coming up in May and July! :)

  2. How long does two gallons of gas last in a snow mobile?