Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still Flying

We flew back to the island today. The weather was perfect, so it didn't take three days to get home this weekend! My kindergartener had a blast playing with Sally at Great Lakes Air in St. Ignace:

Above St. Ignace:

We were in the little plane:

Can you believe how much ice there still is?

Lots of ice...

Our three year old fell asleep on the drive to the airport and slept through the flight. So I snuggled her in the sled for the ride home (she didn't quite sleep through her helmet-ing though):

I laid back with my sleepy girl and looked up:

Phil paused on the east bluff so I could take pictures!

There's still too much ice for a ferry to get through. It would be nice if gas could arrive somehow. I think I'll have to bike the girls to school this week...

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