Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1000 Gallons Gone

It was "uniform" day for March is Reading Month at school. I sent a little Hermione Granger to kindergarten today:

The ominous brown paper bag indicating gas is gone. The gas ration is up. We have discovered how long it takes folks on Mackinac Island to go through 1000 gallons of gas. I didn't want to find out!

A little bat was flying around and settled on this tree- see it?

Tomorrow, Arnold Line Ferry resumes! They broke the Huron free from the St. Ignace harbor this afternoon. It's been a long time for this dock to have been ferry-free!

Snow is melting! There's still enough for snowmobiling, but I did my final trip to school by bike today. (I'm low on gas for the snowmobile)

The girls helped the last stretch on the way home! The melting snow is not good for biking with a burley.

My little sweethearts!

The snow might not last much longer:

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