Friday, March 22, 2013

Gas Ration: Day 9

The gas ration began March 13th. Gas ran out on March 15th. The State Park sold 1000 gallons to the hardware store, so rationed gas became available again March 19th. I've never made so many trips to the hardware store!

Here is the view from the dock that the hardware store is located on. It's one dock over from Arnold Line (which is still unable to run the ferry due to all the ice):

Gas on Mackinac Island is $5.40/gallon, and we're limited to 2 gallons a day during the ration. Remember when all gas pumps looked like this?

It looks like winter at Mission Point Resort, but I'm loving the blue skies!

My daughter survived the sleepover! She had so much fun! Her little sister missed her and opted to ride with her instead of mommy:

The snow drifts are looking cool:

What a chunk of ice!

Waiting for spring weather:

Rabbit trails!

We don't when the ferry returns to service- there is less ice! (Still too much, but less ice nonetheless!) I don't want to find out how many days it takes Mackinac Island folks to use 1000 gallons of gas!

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