Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Third Day's the Charm

Today was our third attempt to fly home to Mackinac Island. We arrived at the airport 8:30ish. Planes were flying! Then they stopped a little after 9am and didn't fly for a couple of hours due to freezing rain. Some folks gave up. We were armed with books - and eventually our iPhones - to entertain our girls. They were amazing the first 3.5 hours. (We even enacted the story of the three billy goats gruff.) Those last 15-20 minutes were killer though. Small children should not run through a small airport packed with waiting people. I'm not sure I've ever been so relieved to have my turn for something after waiting.

I got to sit in front and not fly the plane. Very cool.

Passing the Mackinac Bridge:

Mackinac Island!

The snowy top of Fort Holmes- the highest point on the island.

Everything looks so pretty covered in snow!

Our snowmobile ride home was breathtaking:

Post Cemetery:

Its flag is always at half staff:

Some lovely cottages on the east bluff:

Can you tell it was snowing?

My daughter arrived in time for the last couple hours of kindergarten! It is good to be home.

Waiting is tiring...

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