Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cross Country Skiing

My in-laws cross country ski. The Les Cheneaux Islands are a lovely place for that:

Today, my daughter tried cross country skiing for the first time!

My youngest daughter rode in a sled (my mom-in-law is awesome):

Their dog tagged along:

My youngest managed to actually fall asleep sitting in the sled. (She woke up unhappy when we headed back...)

Oops! A lot of falling occurred, and a lot of getting back up. She really got the hang of it though!

Most boathouses get built in winter. It's much easier to get the materials there with ice. It makes sense, I just hadn't thought about it until today!

We saw lots of deer tracks! (There were snowmobile tracks too, but I see those everyday on Mackinac Island!)

It was nice to cross country ski! I hadn't done it since high school. We live in such a great area for it. I loved seeing my kindergartener skiing for the first time!

Location:Les Cheneaux Islands

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