Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday and Dying Eggs

Palm Sunday! I've always liked it. As a kid we'd get palm branches, which is downright cool. (My little sister went through a phase when she cried for cameras):

My girls made paper palm branches today, and my youngest waved it hollering Hallelujah instead of Hosanna. I love Palm Sunday.
We go to church in Cedarville, my husband's hometown. The choir sang beautifully today!

The girls loving their daddy:

The girls dyed eggs this afternoon:

Oh the patience!

The creativity!

I did one too:

One big difference with this year's egg dying is the immediate consumption of the colorful creations! We made a dozen eggs and only 4 survived our cuties:

Daddy is a superman fan:

The result of multiple colors and a well placed rubber band:

The result of a cracked shell, big sister was thrilled!

There's a lot of open water between St. Ignace and the island. There is still ice around the island.

This really might be our last plane flight this season!

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