Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Un-Springlike

My husband flew off island yesterday and this is what the ice between Mackinac Island and St. Ignace looked like. (He says there was even more ice when he flew back this morning.)

Today brought some more snow. It affected the view on the east bluff:

My daughter actually tried to eat her apple with her snowmobile helmet on, but by this point has given up. Or at least felt the need to close her face shield.

When we got home she noticed this amazing snow outside our window!

March is manners month. Tonight, the elementary Mackinac Island students got dressed in their "Sunday best" and went out to eat at the Village Inn. Her dad is her date/chaperone tonight and texted me this picture:

The necessity of snowpants kind of squelches the fancy dress :)
The kids had three dinner choices and she opted for the pasta. My firstborn has always loved pasta! (This photo is from the fall of 2008)

After dinner, they return to the school for a dance and sleepover! There are a lot of excited kids at the school tonight! And also a lot of stellar teachers, staff, and parents!

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