Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coloring Eggs and Enjoying Creation

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with Phil's family!

Lake Huron is beautiful and calm in the Les Cheneaux Islands.

Auntie organized an egg dying session:

Scotch tape makes cool patterns:

Becoming colorful:

The finished products!

I did the blue one :)

Good job kiddo! She enjoyed it but doesn't like to eat the yolk... That's probably a normal kid stance.

A beautiful day is a good reason to be outside!
My two year old practices her pedaling skills:

The same boots after she threw rocks in the water from the wrong spot. Poor thing got stuck in mud up to an ankle!

Climbing cedar trees (there are lots in Cedarville)

High, Mom!

I've always appreciated moss- as a kid I liked to imagine fairies preferred it.

Good thing we have more than one pair of shoes at Grandma's! (These shoes got a little wet too.)

I grew up in Whitehall, which is on Lake Michigan; I'm accustomed to sand dunes on the shoreline. After five years up north, I still find the rocky shoreline of Lake Huron pretty awesome!

There's an abundant supply of rocks to throw in the water!


Coloring more eggs- the chalk way!

My two year old wanted me to trace her- she added the face and hair herself!

Nonno (Italian for Grandpa) made lamb stew! So delicious! Big sister was unsure about the ethics of eating lamb, but little sister had no qualms!

On Easter Sunday, Auntie made this cute bunny cake:

And of course, this mommy has to show off her little ones in Easter their new attire! (My mom gets them matching dresses every Easter! Thanks Mom!)

So cute!

Our ferry passed a freighter pulling into the harbor Sunday evening!

Hope you all had wonderful Easter celebrations too! So grateful we serve a risen Savior!


  1. I have lived down at the southern tip of Lake Michigan all my life and I just love Lake Michigan. There is something very special about that lake that I just love and I couldn't imagine living away from it.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

    1. I love Lake Michigan! Phil proposed to me in sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan :) Lake Huron is amazing too. Michigan is spoiled with great lakes ;) We did have a wonderful Easter, hope you did as well!