Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Bike Ride to School

First day of biking to school on her own bicycle! We hadn't made it off Mission Point property before I realized we'd forgotten a couple of things. First, her shoes- rain boots are not ideal footwear for school. More importantly, I returned home to fetch her bike helmet!

Much better!

The rain subsided before we left for school. Puddles make biking more adventurous (for my five year old, at least)!

The road has been returned! This makes biking past the Bicycle Inn much easier.

They were adding windows today:

I didn't allot nearly enough extra time for an 18" girl's bike with training wheels. At this point in the ride, preschool had already started. I know to leave earlier now!

My precious little biker!

There is her bike! Parked with lots of other bikes at Mackinac Island Public School:

The new garbage drays are classy!

Posing while in motion:

Ok, now she's showing off and blowing kisses:

The new house across from Mission Church is coming along:

Tulips at Mission Point:

She took a few spills, but she is quite agile and didn't hurt herself once!

Doud's Market extended its hours! It is now open until 9pm all week long (previously open until 7pm with the exception of Sundays, which was 5pm).

Also, there were THREE fudge shops open today!!! (Ryba's, Murdick's, and Joanne's) Alas! I keep forgetting to toss my purse in the burley. Tomorrow, I shall eat fudge!

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  1. How adorable is she on her new bike? She did a great job! And go ahead and have some fudge for yourself tomorrow, and eat some for me!