Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet the Rain's New Fall

Today, we received a good May rainfall. Even with the rain, my daughter wanted to bike to school.

It is raining... It's hard to take a picture of it as it doesn't show.

She's getting faster! I don't know if it's due to the rain or that it's the third day she's biked to school. We shaved off five minutes!

A carriage tour? First one I've seen this season:

It's getting busier downtown. I'm hoping we can both bike to preschool this whole week. I'm not comfortable having my beginner bicyclist traverse downtown when it's busy.

OPEN signs are becoming more numerous!

Brrrrr! Today was wet and cool.

The Lakeside Marketplace opened today! My husband was happy for some Starbucks Coffee!

A seagull above the Round Island Bar & Grill:

A wet world:

The afternoon was misty. It wasn't raining, but there was so much moisture in the air, I still got wet.

Fort Mackinac in fog:

Downtown Mackinac Island with newly painted lines and crosswalks (which happened yesterday, much nicer weather for that!)

The UPS carts were overflowing this afternoon. Businesses are getting ready!

Once Sinclair's Irish Pub, now the Huron Street Pub & Grill:

The sheets came down from the windows at Sanders today- yay! (I look forward to the return of their sea salt caramel fudge! Yum!)

I love the new garbage drays!

Murdick's Fudge has been open all week:

One of my favorite shops on Mackinac! Nephew's opens May 4th.

The Bicycle Inn covered the red beams this afternoon:

There she goes!

My daughter was excited to have people to wave to and these gentleman obliged once we passed:

The garbage drays even look nice from behind:

Horses pulling taxi carriages are also increasing in numbers:

A team practicing (more horses arrived yesterday):

An accidental picture, but I liked it:

So fun watching her bike! (and also a decent exercise in patience for me)

Her bike didn't come with fenders, which resulted in a little stripe on the back of her pink dress:

I love the Tower:

Most of my pictures of Mission Point signs have "Resort" reflecting light best. I wonder if taller folks have "Mission" or "Point" do that:

Daffodils and the Tower rising in the mist:

She yelled "honk" the whole time we passed geese:

The rain was probably a good thing, and I have rain gear so no real complaints here! (I've simply learned not to bother with makeup on rainy days.)

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for the updates of all the happenings on the Island. Your girls are so adorable!

  2. Just wait until she really gets going - you'll be left in the dust, lol! It is exciting to see the Island getting more busy for the summer. I have promised my girls we will bike all the way around the Island this year; I hope my 6-year-old makes it!