Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Rainy, Foggy Thursday

The morning was foggy with a 60% chance of rain. So we wore our puddle stompers and raincoats.

St. Cloud place is aspiring to some additional grass:

Here are some fog shots I captured while biking (actually, ALL of today's pictures were taken while biking):

Passing an open shop:

My favorite photo of the day! Passing a lovely Grand Hotel carriage:

Little sister "helping":

The fog was so thick- I couldn't see the Straits lighthouse at any point in the ride:

By afternoon, it was raining (rather committedly, if I might say so), and the fog lessened.

The Round Island Lighthouse had its light on for a little while- I couldn't manage to capture a lit moment:

It was really raining for the bike ride home. I ended up locking my daughter's bike to a rack near Doud's Market, and she climbed in the burley. We'll fetch it tomorrow.

The Greens at Mission Point are looking nice (a goose near the bench seems to think so too):

A few geese enjoying a puddle:

A few geese chose to move out of our way:

The lawn and gazebo in rain & fog:

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