Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season!

I'm feeling a smidge jolly.  The Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar was this weekend; I enjoyed the tree lighting, rummage sale in the fire hall, shopping at Nephews, and Santa (of course!).  And when I went to the mainland, Egg Nog shakes were available again!  Speaking of the mainland, Arnold Line switched to the slow boat last week.  This is not as fun with small children- it takes three times as long.  The waves are more intense this time of year.
We got snow this week.  I pulled out the double jogging stroller again, as I'm not feeling safe on my beloved 21 speed on ice.  Turns out I am not exactly safe on my own two feet on ice.  The med center has x-ray capability and, fortunately, I had the honor of the first person to get an x-ray on Friday who did not have a broken bone.  Just bruised my funny bone.  Ice grippies for my footwear are now on my shopping list.
I love the Christmas tree in the middle of Main Street! 

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  1. Hi There! I didn't know you were blogging. I've been at it almost three years now.

    I'm glad you got some creepers - both A and I have a pair. I've been looking for child-sized ones for a while now but haven't found any yet. Glad your elbow is OK. See you at school on Tuesday...