Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Season has ended...

This weekend was Mission Point Resort's last of the 2010 season.  It was completely booked, thanks to the Great Turtle Race and its record number of runners (nearly 2000!)  The weather was perfect for a fall race and it inspired my former cross country runner self to add this race to next season's bucket list! (Definitely the 5.7 mile though, I am not anxious to run a half marathon!)  The resort is so empty now- it's quite strange really.
Speaking of my season bucket list, how did I fare?

I did not go dancing at the Grand with my husband.  Not once.  I did buy a new dress with the intention of doing so.  I did at least enter the Grand Hotel- to get Jane Seymour's autograph & picture.  This was a pretty amazing substitution!  ( I literally ran there, pushing both girls in the double jogging stroller,  in time to be the last in line.  Jane Seymour was so gracious & kind!)

I did not get to try the butternut squash ravioli at the Chophouse.  However, I did have my first creme brulee here; to say it was a positive experience is an understatement! 

I made it to the fort with my parents and the girls! 

I have still never been in a kayak. Rectifying that sounds more cold than fun at this point.  Next year!

I am going to ride a tandem. With my husband.  This may still be possible this year.

I bought two somethings from Nephews.  A practical dress and less practical ballet flats.  (They marked things down towards the end of the season.)

I ordered the cheese platter dessert from the Bistro on the Greens (my favorite!)  It was so lovely I took a picture!

I took the Haunts of Mackinac Tour with my friend Meghan as a guide and loved it!  I'll have to do the Haunts of Mission Point next year.

I managed to miss the St. Ignace Fireworks even though they did it every Saturday from the 4th of July to Labor Day.  I could still make it up Fort Holmes.

"I would love to try Mackinaw Parasailing, but the cost of that makes it more of a bonus." I've spoiled myself in other ways.  I now own adorable pink raingear and a decent bike with gears.  The latter has been life-changing.  Pulling 60 lbs of precious daughters in a burley uphill on a singlespeed the last month has been rough. 

All in all, I've done a lot this season even if I didn't squeeze in everything.  We will be experiencing our first winter on Mackinac Island!  I even have a job! I am the teacher's aide for Mackinac Island's preschool!  It's a good fit for me- I'm enjoying the precious three and four year olds, plus I'm getting to know a lot more islanders!  I have lots to look forward to (and simultaneously be a smidge nervous about!)  The 2011 summer season has plenty to look forward to also!

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