Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Season "Bucket List"

Here is my "Bucket List" for this season. I know a true bucket list consists of things you want to do before you kick the bucket, so to speak. This is shorter term. I am blessed to be living on Mackinac Island and I want to enjoy it! The tourist season seems to end with October, so I have a nice amount of time left to tackle my list! We'll see how it goes!

I want to go dancing at the Grand with my husband. More than once.

I want to try the butternut squash ravioli at the Chophouse.

A trip to the fort is a must!

I have never been in a kayak. Rectifying that sounds fun.

I am going to ride a tandem. With my husband.

I want to buy something from Nephews. I want a dress, but budget might favor footwear.

The Bistro on the Greens is my favorite and they have a cheese platter as a dessert option.

Haunted Tours. Preferably led by my friend Meghan. Haunts of Mackinac & Haunts of Mission Point.

I want to watch the St. Ignace Fireworks. I want to make it up Fort Holmes. Potential two-for-one.

I would love to try Mackinaw Parasailing, but the cost of that makes it more of a bonus.

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