Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy, is today a Snowmobile Day?

Leap Day brought crazy weather, which included the snow that has eluded Mackinac Island most winter. Yesterday morning, my 4 year old asked, "Mommy, is it a Snowmobile Day?" And I got to say, "Yes!"
There was some snow about a month ago, but our snowmobile's steering post rusted over the summer. My husband was strong enough to turn it, I was not. So we got the steering post replaced ...just in time for bare roads. Yesterday was the first day I could snowmobile all season!
Despite it's nonuse, it started well. One of the runners was stuck, frozen to the ground; I managed to pry it loose with our shovel. It was a great ride to the school!
After we dropped big sister off at preschool, we got to see the ferry pass. Daddy was standing on it, so we waved!

Then the snowmobile wouldn't start again. Another Mackinac mom helped, and helped, and eventually it started. The snowmobile was running funny though. We picked up Phil (who had picked up groceries!) A passerby pointed out my problem- our snowmobile is missing a rear wheel. The rear wheels are important. Here is what both sides should look like (note the blue wheel):

See the problem?

I looked for the missing wheel and asked around about it, but no success. I have bad luck with snowmobiles I think. It's a shame... They are so convenient for a Mackinac winter!


  1. I wanted to see the island all snow covered, so I checked the Main Street camera, and it was completely blocked by snow!

    I hope you can find your snowmobile wheel, so you can jet around the island. How lovely it is up there in the winter! Again, thank you for the pictures.

    1. My next blog will have lots of snow pictures! (And I hope to have the rear wheel replaced this upcoming week!) We got so much snow last night!