Saturday, March 3, 2012

In Like a Lion is Fun for my Lambs!

March came in like a lion!
After school, I took my little lambs out to play. Winter finally made its appearance! (It probably was just waiting for the ferries to run again.) These pictures are all from March 1st, our first decent snow in a long time. There was lovely ice!

The night's storm left one side of trees encased in ice:

My oldest ditched her mittens (she has warm hands like her Daddy):

The snow was dotted with bits of ice that had fallen from the trees:

A freighter in the distance:


Now, I run across the lawn to get a better shot and accidentally take a picture of my foot;

Much better!

I looked it up on and this freighter had a load of salt:

The ice was melting off these trees and falling in random "plops."

The birds were active! It may look wintery but it sounded like spring!

A hive:

The icy snow frozen on trees looked interesting!

Closeup of ice on the tree:

Little sister didn't remove her mittens, but she did misplace her pacifier:

When I offered her a ride in the sled, she went the opposite direction and flopped on the ground. It's hard to know what to expect from my toddler!

Too cute!

My favorite shot of the day:

We bought the sled last year, but didn't buy a rope. We had an extra bike lock though! I wonder if that makes it more of a Mackinac sled?

My precious daughters!

(We were blessed with a stunning snowstorm last night- you can expect those pictures in another blog post soon!)


  1. Loved your pictures!! (ps, my brother is a boatnerd!)

    1. Awesome! I just learned about the boatnerd website this winter and I love looking up who is passing by, where they're headed, what the cargo is... too fun!

  2. Great pictures! Your girls are too precious for words.

    1. Thank you! And I totally agree! (but biased as their mommy!)