Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Ferry Tale on Leap Day

My husband called Arnold Transit this morning to see if they were running today despite the weather. He was told yes with a chuckle and "It's the Huron!" (The Huron is tough! It is commonly referred to as "the slow boat" on the island, but you will never hear Arnold Line use that phrase!)

Phil had recruitment events scheduled from Thursday-Saturday, but the Thursday flight was 4am so he needed to get off today. Good thing he caught the noon boat! It ended up the last trip of the day! (I guess they encountered 8-10 foot waves on the way over.) Departure was pushed back to 12:30, to give commuting contractors a chance to get off the island. The wind was so strong, I can't imagine it was practical to work outside anyhow! Some were concerned the Mackinac Bridge could close and they still might not be able to get home. (It did not close, but had wind escort for high profile vehicles.)
The first challenge was getting out of the ice in the harbor!

Phil reported it was crazy as they turned out of the harbor! But after that, things smoothed out and they went with the waves more.

Arriving safe & sound!

The Mighty Huron at the St. Ignace Docks:

By tonight, Phil's 4am flight was cancelled. It was decided they can still interview over Skype. He'll be returning tomorrow morning (instead of Sunday). For me, that's a happy ending to this crazy, Leap Day ferry tale!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. What does you Husband do, that you are required to live on the Island?

    1. My husband is HR Manager at Mission Point Resort. I help maintain the Resort's social media this winter and give haunted history tours in season.

  2. I cant wait to get up to the island! I just stumbled upon your blog the other day and think its wonderful! You've answered many of my questions in "pictures" about what goes on past October! I didn't know you could live at Mission Pointe! I would love to live on the island one day. My parents have a place in Cheboygan, so we spend much of our time up north during the season.

    1. There are only a dozen or so year round employees that live at Mission Point through the winter- the island is a different world in the off season! I count myself blessed! I'm excited for the season to begin again- it feels so much closer with the ferries running again!