Friday, August 12, 2011

Sailboats, Kids and Horses

We have been without Internet for far too long. I have missed my blog! It looks like Mackinac Mommy can return! The following post is on July 23.

Thursday we watched the start of the sailing race Nonno was in (Phil's dad- Italian for grandpa). Then we went to the school for kids day of the Festival of the Horse.

Note the sailboat on the far right:

Kaya appears to have caught it!

Kids day was so interesting!

There was a raffle for toy horses:


4H did horse rides for kids:

Jade's first time riding a horse!

Thanks to Jill from the Island Bookstore for making this picture possible!

Thank you Candy Bar! What a sweet horse ;)

The author of "What I Saw on Mackinac" helped the girls with construction paper art. I love that book!

Lassoing demonstration:

The girls loved the face painting!

It was a great day to enjoy the island with the girls!
(I am glad I can finally blog again!)

Location:Mackinac Island

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