Sunday, July 24, 2011

Festival of the Horse: Inaugural Parade

The Inaugural Parade for the Festival of the Horse

Everyone on Mission Point's lawn waiting to start the parade:

The leader getting the flag in its holder:

What a stunning way to start!

I totally want to own period attire too!

Mackinac Island's 4H Club:

This cowboy smiled for me!

Jade liked watching the horses! (Kaya did too, she just insisted on sitting on the grass next to the stroller).

This duo was all smiles:

This cute horse posed:

The riding stable:

A student recognizes Phil (he was a substitute teacher)

These children are with the Little Barn on Mission Hill:

Blaze, probably the most beloved horse on the island!

Thus ends the inaugural parade!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. exactly which period (or I should say year) is the correct one to wear on island? Other than the fort there seems to be no date agreement I can find.

  2. The fort was built in 1779, so anything Colonial, Victorian, or Edwardian works. I am partial to Victorian. There is a site called Recollections, and I am watching their clearance section for something I love and can afford!

  3. That is a major time span, with a lot of styles to choose from. Kinda surprised they don't narrow it down to a few decades... I told you I'd just make one if you tell me what you want

  4. Did you get a Victorian dress yet? The designer and owner of Recollections is a friend of mine...Marianne Bishop. I haven't seen her in many, many years though. I remember when she first started this company...I thought "...what a waste of time and one is going to buy Victorian reproductions..." Ha Ha...the joke was on me!!!