Sunday, July 17, 2011

Riding Nonno's New Boat at Sunset

Nonno got a new speedboat, and the whole family enjoyed a sunset ride around the Les Cheneaux Islands! (Nonno is Italian for Grandpa).
The girls are safely lifejacketed and ready to go!

The proud captain showing off his new boat and, even more so, his granddaughters:

Sunset over the boat's wake:

We passed some friends from church on their sailboat:

Jade was a happy little boater!

A glorious setting to relax!

Hair and ears blowing in the wind:

We boated past the quarry. Not only was a freighter there, it was actually getting loaded at the time. (You can see the silhouette of it pouring in towards the left). We had never seen that before!

Maybe you can see it better here:

God spoils us!

A group kayaking into the sunset:


Location:Les Cheneaux Islands

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